Senior UX Designer & Product Lead

I’m Ricardo Gerstl,
a UX Professional of 10+ years.

Graduated as a Systems Engineer with a UX certification specialized in Interaction Design from NN/g and mucha pasión for product management and leading teams.

Over the course of my career, I have worked on software and internal tools in the SaaS industry, the financial sector, global communications, and B2B software.
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I am proud to have worked on:


Created a collaborative real-time data management tool that enables leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Design System

Worked on a Design System that optimizes task management, data collection, and process monitoring: ultimately boosting productivity and collaboration.

Interactive Elements

Designed a better navigation infrastructure that led to better reach of low level pages on the external website, which resulted in an increase in viewership.

Videocall App, Page Templates and Case Studies Revamp.

The 1st of 7 parts of my personal manifiesto is:
① Start with People

Did I says I have more than 10 years of experience?
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