Ricardo Gerstl

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group


Hello there! 👋​ I'm Ricardo, a User Experience professional (& Project Manager) based in Zürich 🇨🇭​ currently working for Hitachi Energy ⚡️​.
My mission is to understand customers and design solutions that help them achieve their goals, and ultimately grow the businesses I work for 💪​.

Moving to Melbourne!

Excited to share that I'll be relocating to Melbourne, Australia in August 2022.
Available for on-site interviews: June 14th to July 7th
Earliest start date: August 16th


It has been a long road to get to where I am. I've grown on a personal and professional side throughout the years. Want to learn more about me?

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Work 💡​

I get my kicks out of solving digital problems. Luckily, that is my job: Want to get insights on many of the projects I've worked on?

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More ​🌪

"All work and no play makes Ricardo a dull boy". Besides my day job I love writing, coding and designing for the pleasure of it.

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For the past 7+ years I've enjoyed producing great work for the following organizations:


My greatest accomplishment are the relationships I've built with my colleagues along the way. Here are a few snippets of 50+ recomendations given to me:

...we would have brainstorming sessions focused on collaborating on new features, tackling UX problems, sharing the design vision and exchanging ideas on what was technically feasible...
Mónica Álvarez Vicente
UX Lead
...Overall Ricardo takes up new challenges with ease, is always keen to help achieve company outcomes and to learn new things, and has a talent for creating an environment where everyone is comfortable. I am convinced he’ll achieve great success on his professional trajectory.
Adriana Ispas
Head of Product Managment
...His expertise building frontend micro-interactions and prototyping is substantial and it helped the team coming up with more efficient solutions and developing different products...
Diana Balzarini
Senior UX Designer
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