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Problem we solved: Numerous systems and methodologies were used to gather the same type of information, resulting in poor efficiency, data inconsistencies, and collaboration challenges. This made it difficult to make informed management decisions.


Videocall App

Problem we solved: On mobile devices, Berst's mobile experience was poor. Users had difficulty navigating the app, were required to download the native app, the interaction was inconsistent with the desktop app, and accessibility standards were not followed.


Page Templates

Problem we solved: Lack of page structural consistency across the website hampers both user experience and editor experience due to higher cognitive load on users trying to understand the page and higher effort necessary to create new pages for editors.


Design System

Problem we solved: Every new client project was started from scratch or using another project as a starting point; even though the requirements would vary between them. Overall there was frankenstein approach no unified approach into building projects.


Interactive Elements

Problem we solved: Web analytics showed a drasticaly high bounce rate for pages that where 2 levels deep or lower in the navigation hierarchy. Pages that where 2 or more levels deep: were accessed only throughs search or links from third parties.


Case Studies Revamp

Problem we solved: Detailed explanations of projects the company had worked on were scattered across the website. Additionaly, as a user, you were unable to easily differenciate what were projects since each case study had its own structure.


Customer Journey

Problem we solved: there was no clear understanding of what customers go through when visiting our website and the interconnection across touchpoints & channels. Therefore, we did not know where to focus when improving them.

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Bank Self Onboarding

Problem we solved: enable customers to go through the full onboarding process of a bank without having to physicaly visit a bank's branch

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Content Restructuring

Problem we solved: transition the existing website into a new brand keeping the current content

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