3 skills.

Are the root of my work



em·​pa·​thy \ ˈem-pə-thē \

Empathy is the ability to step into another person's shoes and understand & feel their emotions. At the start of a project, I take my time to learn about my end users and their needs. It is through a deep understanding of end users that I can create products that are truly engaging and delightful.



com·​mu·​ni·​ca·​tion \ ˈkə-ˌmyü-nə-ˈkā-shən \

It is vital for me to properly convey product ideas, explain the rationale behind decisions and establish a direct chanel of ideas across teams. It is through effective communication skills (and listening!) that I can create, collaborate, adapt, and improve products with ease.



col·​lab·​o·​ra·​tion \ ˈkə-​ˌla-​bə-​ˈrā-​shən \

"Rome wasn't built in a day"... and neither did the Caesar built it all by himself. It is essential that I effectively give & receive feedback, explore solutions, and incorporate the expertise & needs of everyone involved in a project.


① Start with People ② Data over intuition ③ Time is priceless ④ Be kind ⑤ Trust the process ⑥ Jazz through complexity ⑦ Aim for simple


Global Communications User Experience and Web Integrations Specialist
Sep 2020 – Present
Zurich, Switzerland
Sales User Experience Consultant
Mar 2020 – Aug 2020
Zurich, Switzerland
User Experience Engineer (Lead)
Jan 2018 – Mar 2020
Zurich, Switzerland
Client User Experience Consultant
Mar 2016 – Feb 2018
Zurich, Switzerland
User Experience Consultant
Mar 2019 – Apr 2020
Zürich, Switzerland
Front End Developer
May 2014 – Feb 2016
Geneva, Switzerland
Junior Technology Consultant
May 2014 – Sep 2014
Geneva, Switzerland
Marketing Consultant Internship
Feb 2014 – Apr 2014
Caracas, Venezuela
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Here are a few snippets of recomendations given to me:

...we would have brainstorming sessions focused on collaborating on new features, tackling UX problems, sharing the design vision and exchanging ideas on what was technically feasible...
Mónica Álvarez Vicente
Product Designer | Team Lead
...His expertise building frontend micro-interactions and prototyping is substantial and it helped the team coming up with more efficient solutions and developing different products...
Diana Balzarini
Senior UX Designer
...preparing dozens of Design System Product Releases. The whole process was straightforward due to Ricardo's efficiency, technical understanding, and clear communication....
Dirk Göhmann
Technical Writer
...since the first moment what really impressed me it was his energy, his positivity, and the friendly way to work with each person ... we were based in different offices, but in the end, this didn't matter; it felt like we were in the same room....
Aldo Pizzagalli
Senior UX Designer
...His UX and UI know-how made him a super valuable asset plus he always kept a great sense of humour and lively energy while keeping fully focused on the current challenges....
Ursin Hüppin
Practice Lead
...He cans handle complex implementations and has the ability to interact directly with the client in an exceptional way reaching good results in a short time. I had the pleasure to work with him on the field and his impact on the project was immediately visible....
Paolo Porro
IT Project Manager
...Overall Ricardo takes up new challenges with ease, is always keen to help achieve company outcomes and to learn new things, and has a talent for creating an environment where everyone is comfortable. I am convinced he’ll achieve great success on his professional trajectory.
Adriana Ispas
Head of Product Managment
...Ricardo UX and Frontend's knowledge were always at a glance for me and my team at Marketing. Together we founded the Appway Yoga Club, Appway Pasta Lunch Team, random after-office Apéros, and organized Appway's SOLA relay team race for 2 years....
Scherezade Borges
UX Lead
...He was of great support for the Design System, but was as well one step into the vision of the company and would take design decisions knowing what was coming ahead. I'll be missing to collaborate with this versatile problem-solver and entertaining conversationalist.
Martin Blum
Senior UX Consultant
... always eager to learn something new and getting out of your comfort zone. Cherry on top, you are always so happy and positive about everything, making work always enjoyable...
Emily Meroni
Frontend Developer
Ang Li
Web Developer
Ricardo is the UI/UX problem-fixer, always very analytical, he always find solutions to User Interface problems and brings new ideas to the table...
Alberto Gallo
Presales Manager
...His work on creating the architecture for the Appway Design System was immaculate, and he often managed to achieve outcomes that other people thought weren't possible...
Lukas Mathis
UX Lead
...I was impressed by Ricardo's ability to deal with Appway frontend & Design System issues, building multiple products while managing the quality of work of third-party developers – effortlessly...plus he would always do it with a smile....
Andrea Pellegatta
Senior Product Engineer
...Especially on time-sensitive and lean projects Ricardo is the perfect fit to create amazing user experiences in an efficient way, covering the complete UX mindset in one person...
Sonja Hamann
Head of User Experience
...I was amazed by the energy and passion Ricardo put in his work. He was able to efficiently drive and perform in full autonomy the work (from to UX design to development), the release process and the documentation activities....
Paolo Lischetti
Project Manager
...Any software engineer would enjoy having someone with his mix of skills, since he can grab a backend-focused POC and improve it visually by designing and coding an appealing frontend...
Giuliano Sofi
Software Engineer
...Ricardo’s user experience and frontend skills where exceptionally handy for the development of the “Bugs reporting” section, blogposts pages and general responsiveness of the entire site. As a Product Owner I felt lucky to have someone as trustworthy to take care of the frontend of such a complex project....
Ignasi García Perez
Happy Kid
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